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Crystal Miner

Crystal Miner is a Unity mobile game designed for android with a Google Pixel A4 in mind for the platform. The concept is based on a dwarf mining into the ground to collect different minerals through multiple levels. When he mine all the minerals required from one level, he can go to the next. The player is on a pillar that he can rotate to the left or the right in order to access new minerals.

This project was done in 2 months with a team of 6 game designers, 1 game programmer and 4 concept artist. My job on this project was simple, listen to the demand of my game designers, evaluate the feasibility with the time allowed for the project, and make it work.

Work Done for this project : 
- Gameplay Interaction
- UI

- Mecanic implementation


The file contain an APK to install, if your phone refuse to install it, activate developper mode.

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