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Devkit : Railroad

For the last project of my second year at Bellecour, me and my fellow classmates had to do a solo project on Unreal Engine 5. The goal was to make a devkit for the first year game designer for them to make a game after the end of our deadline. Mine was a railshooter based on a train going from point A to point B.

Work Done for this project : 
- Chaos Physics
- Tools
- World Mecanics
- 3D assets/Game Design


With this DevKit, the game designer could create is own train and path, own canon, own ennemies and path for them. I implemented a bit of Chaos Physics and tried to do something which look great with it. 

We also had to do the 3D assets which needed to be modular for the Devkit as well as a demo map accompagnied by a full documentation in order to allow the game designers to use the devkit at its full potential.

(Link to the document)

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