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To do List

Not done

- Add UI for Ship play order

- Make AI able to do action when it's their turn

- Make AI able to Move

    - Establish Pathfinding algorithm without obstacle (07/05/23 04:18)

    - Establish Pathfinding algorithm with simple obstacle and complexe 

- Make AI able to Shoot

- Show what actions the player still can do during his turn

- Move the camera above the current ship playing (Coroutine probably)

- Being able to move freely the camera, when the cursor is close to a border, it move in its direction

- Probably redo the pathfinding part for the amount of tiles travelled
- Correct bug when player gain +1 range of move if obstacle in his pa

(I'm working on those in italic)


- Add Hexagon to make a visual feedback for the range of a ship (01/05/23 16:01)
- Make visual feedback for range Civ like (05/05/23 01:10)

- Add line between Ship Selected and Ship Aimed for more visual Feedback (05/05/23 02:12)

- Add visual feedback for when there is an obstacle between current ship and ship aimed (05/05/23 3:04)

- Make ship die if health < 0 (05/05/23 18:33)

- Make Player Lose or Win if no more ship (05/05/23 18:33)

- Add Arrow above ship currently playing (05/05/23 18:53)

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